Rainbow Learning Circle, Physical Media, October 2012

Physical Media: October 2012

Painting and drawing has moved for some from sensing the markers and the paper and the thick color and the water color and different colors, to coordinating their brushes with their intent.  Further, some have been making very specific lines, letters, circles, dotted lines, etc. with paint and brush.   They fill space with color and define it with lines: some lines go the edge of the page, some cross over themselves, and some end right back where they began.  The space on the paper is attractive to all.  Some go at it delicately, by dotting, some use a brush in each hand, some dispense with brushes and wipe the entire surface with their hands.

The clay that I put on the outside table started out as ash from a volcano which mixed with the soil of stream beds: this is the story of clay I tell them.  From pounded balls, stacked on beds and fitted into masks, or formed into cookies, the children are now rolling more and more: they make families of worms.    Worms have daddy worms and mommy worms, worms have one tooth, worms have many teeth.  Worms get thirsty when they crack in the sun.


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